Math Corps at CSU 2019 Summer Camp

The 2019 summer Camp will be held at Cleveland State University, and will run from June 17th - July 26th, 2019.

Applications for current 6th and 7th graders.

High School Teaching Assistants

Students currently in 9th - 11th grade in the greater Cleveland area are eligible to apply for teaching assistant (TA) internships in the 2019 Math Corps at CSU Summer Camp.

TA Applications for the 2019 Summer Camp are now closed.

College Student Positions (Graduating Seniors & Undergrad College Students)

Applications for college students interested in staff positions with the 2019 Math Corps at CSU Summer Camp (CI/CA) are now available. Please follow the link below to access an application:

  • Online CI/CA Application
  • College Instructors: The primary job responsibility of each College Instructor (CI) is to lead a team of 15 students, consisting of ten 7th or 8th graders and five high school TAs. CIs are expected to serve as teachers, role models and mentors to each of their kids. Full Job Description

    College Assistants: College Assistants (CAs) provide general assistance in whatever areas may be needed. Assignments can range anywhere from setting up breakfast to serving as safety monitors to supervising games to providing one-on-one or group tutoring to escorting students to computer labs to assisting in the teaching of high school courses, etc. CAs are expected to serve as role models and/or mentors for the students they interact with and are expected to interact with as many students as possible. Full Job Description

    If you have any questions, please email or call (216) 523-7151.

    Instructors and Administrative Staff

    Staff positions, both teaching and administrative, are available for our summer program. We are seeking dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about working with children.

    General Qualifications

  • Baccalaureate degree required
  • Experience working with students in grades 7 - 12
  • Mathematics or Math Education background preferred
  • Mathematics certification preferred
  • Download Senior Staff Application


  • Dean of Students: The Dean is responsible for helping to ensure that each and every student 1) has a safe, rewarding, enjoyable and academically successful experience and 2) learns and develops the values, habits and attitudes essential for long-term success. Specifically, the role of the Dean is to teach, support, and implement the goals and philosophies of the Math Corps to students and staff. Discipline of students is the direct responsibility of the Dean and under the leadership of the Director. The Dean is also the boss of the Teaching Assistants and is responsible for guiding the TAs in their transition from student to teacher.
  • Site Coordinator (SC): The SC is responsible for the date-to-day operations that occur on site. With a team of approximately 15 college students, the SC monitors and assign daily tasks to College Assistants, oversees the need and distribution of supplies/copies for the staff and students, maintains organization of the staff office and ensures that all activities are staffed and prepped.
  • Grade Supervisor (GS): The GS oversees one grade level (7s or 8s) of forty students in the camp and supervises the mentoring and tutoring conducted by the high school and college students. The responsibilities of the GS include supervising team time, coordinating before and after camp tutoring, communicating with parents, assisting the Dean with discipline, reading student journals, assisting with lunch monitoring, and teaching a class and/or activity. The GS communicates directly with the Dean of Students.
  • Instructor: Instructors are assigned to teach various math classes which range from topics such as Arithmetic and Algebra to Discovery to Logic and Proof. Instructors are offered and assigned courses based upon their level of mathematics studied and teaching experience. Instructors new to the program must be willing to teach using the method taught by Math Corps. Instructors are responsible for planning instruction, teaching the course, preparing/adjusting and grading assignments and assessments, recordkeeping, and managing student behavior. Course Information and Schedule can be found HERE.
  • If you have any questions, please email or call (216) 523-7151.