Student Testimonials

“I feel that Math Corps was a welcoming place. If I was ever bored or alone, someone would offer to hang out with me. I really appreciated that. Though some classes are better than others it was fun.” --7th grade student

“Math Corps tries really hard to open up your hidden greatness.” --8th grade student

“Math Corps cares about us. They help us, we grow every day. We’re ready for the 7th grade.” --7th grade student

““I like the freedom – we were treated with respect and were on a college campus.” --7th grade student

“Overall I feel that it was a good experience. They taught and handled situations in a way that I wasn’t used to. Everything was about positive attitudes and fun. I think it was a different but very good atmosphere to be around.” --TA

“Math Corps is really fun. TAs and CIs really care about you and I would not want to leave.” --7th grade student

“I feel now what they mean by the meaning of family. I feel really close to these guys now.” --8th grade student

M = master math A = able to meet new people T = teach new people H = help your math skills C = challenge your brain O = open opportunities for other people R = relative to a new topic P = play chess S = summer of my life! --7th grade student

“This has been one of my most memorable experiences and I’m super glad to have been a part of this Math Corps family. I have grown to love and care about all the students here. Can’t wait to return next year.” --TA

“Math is a special subject, it’s harder than you think. The heart of math is fun.” --8th grade student

“I will take the heart of Math Corps to school because it was fun. I met new people, learned a few things. I learned about how other people live and their way of seeing things. I recommend people to come here.” --8th grade student

“I liked getting to know all the 7th graders. The two 7s that I got to tutor are amazing. I absolutely love them. I’m very sad it’s over. It’s been a ton of fun and I’ve learned a lot, both about math and myself.” --TA