TA Diagnostic Study Resources

Have you participated in Math Corps before? Go dig out your past notes, homework, or past Diagnostic (for returning TAs). Looking through and practicing those problems is a great refresher.

Can't find those notes/You are new to Math Corps? You've still got lots of ways to dust off those cobwebs.

  • Create a Study Group with fellow classmates and friends.
  • Ask your math teacher for some practice problems.

Use the power of the internet! Search by topic for videos, practice problems, etc. Here are some great resources:

  • Khan Academy has a video for just about every mathematical topic you can think of.
  • ixl.com has a wealth of practices problems.
  • Google It!
  • Topics and Sample Problems: A sample of problems from the Diagnostic can be found HERE.

    Still Worried? No question is unimportant! Call Dr. Bey at (216) 523-7151 or email math.corps.csu@gmail.com.